Teaching jobs in japan

Web site for the people looking for a job as English teachers

Teaching English can be very exciting.
This web site specializes in recruiting English teachers, and hopes to provide a
resource with which you can improve your skills while teaching.


What is
“Teaching jobs in Japan”?


"Teaching jobs in Japan" is a website specialized in recruiting English teachers. By applying for jobs through this site, you can be placed at excellent positions and improve your teaching skills. All schools are located within 5 minutes walk from the nearest station.

We are expanding and opening new branches so you can work in a new and clean environment. We are recruiting not only full-time instructors, but also part-time instructors, who can work shifts that are convenient for them.


State of the classroom

Why don’t you grasp this opportunity,
and start working in a place where you can naturally improve your skills?

Job description

You will be in charge of teaching daily conversation, grammar and pronunciation. Also, you will have the chance to take part in planning extra-curricular events, which help students have enjoyable learning experiences.

You have no teaching experience?
Don’t worry. We will have you teach classes which suit your skills. In addition, we have a fully comprehensive training program; therefore, having no teaching experience is not an issue.


You must be a native speaker, have an undergraduate degree or equivalent academic skills, and a visa that allows you to work in Japan.

Steps to apply through this website

  • step1
    Enter “Teaching jobs in Japan”.
    Fill in all the necessary information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, teaching or overseas experience). Later we will contact you by phone or e-mail.
  • step2
    Complete your resume.
    Here, we will check your skills and strengths.
  • step3
    Interview with the personnel department.
    We will look at your personality, how enthusiastic you are about teaching languages, and developing your inter-cultural communication skills.
  • step4
    Take a written test.
    We suggest that you go over English grammar and
    prepare yourself for the test.
  • step5
    Start working.
    Make the best use of your language skills. The harder you work, the better evaluation you will get. You don’t need to have teaching experience. We have a comprehensive training program and solid lesson plans!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q…I’ve never taught English conversation. Is it alright?
A…Absolutely! We can provide thorough training and have easy to use lesson plans.
Q…I only have a tourist visa. Is it possible to work?
A…We are afraid not. You need to have a working visa to work at our school.
Q…Is the working shift fixed?
A…In general, the shift is fixed,
but if you want to change your shift, feel free to consult the school staff.
Q…I want to work only for a short time, like 3 months. Is it possible?
A…No, we don’t offer short-term employment.
Q…Is it possible to negotiate the hourly wage?
A…No. The starting wage is the same for everyone,
but there are chances of promotion if the work performance is good.
Q…I can only work on certain days of the week. Is that okay?
A…Yes, it’s okay. There are a lot of instructors who are engaged in other activities. We understand that you value your personal life, so please feel free to talk to the management staff.

Entry Form

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