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There are few things you need to know about EIKAIWA.

EIKAIWA is one of the most popular English teaching insitutes in Japan. Many people start their teaching career from EIKAIWA.


What is EIKAIWA ?

EIKAIWA is a type of institutuion offering English education. These are private language schools, sometimes called English conversation schools or ESL schools, and they provide a huge number of English teaching jobs in Japan. The size of EIKAIWA varies from one-owner/instructor schools to monster chain schools. It is estimated to be a multi-trillion dollar industry, and part of the reason for such demand is that English teaching in the public school system in Japan generally focuses on grammar over listening/speaking. EIKAIWA sprang up to supplement this with conversation.

It is more than a chat cafe. It's big business.

You're a proper teacher and you’ll be in charge of lessons. You are expected to conduct classes and improve conversation skills of students with different backgrounds and English levels. It is a lot more than just having a casual conversation, occasionaly correcting students misphrasings or introdusing new idioms. You need to understand both the academic and psychological aspects of teaching/learning foreign languages to offer good classes.
Also, It’s a business. You’ll have to be on the ball with customer service, hit your targets etc.

Do you have to be a native English speaker?

The short answer is "No."
There are many EIKAIWA hiring non-native English speakers as teachers.
Lots of them start teaching in Japan with a working holiday visa. In fact, if your visa status allows you to work legally, and if you have good pronunciation and a relatively good command of the English language, you don’t have to be a native speaker to work as an English conversation teacher at an EIKAIWA.
Teaching business English for advanced level students could be more than what you are capable of, and it is true some EIKAIWA only hire native speakers. But still, there are enough positions for non-native English speakers who can create fun lessons.

Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons

Working at an Eikaiwa – Pros and Cons

pros and cons

The working hours at an EIKAIWA are usually more flexible than other office jobs. It is especially so if you are either in a Semi-Full-Time or Part Time position. You will have the option of sleeping in, joining club activities, the gym, more